Vintage Inspiration

Sustainable clothing

As young women living in London, one of the world's fashion capitals, we continue to notice a lack of tailoring in both fast-fashion and sustainable clothes. It has become extremely hard to find items that fit you perfectly because of the massive scale at which items are being produced. 

The lack of tailoring has also come hand-in-hand with a return to basic genderless lines. Although we are incredibly proud to be part of a generation that is very open-minded, supportive and equal towards women and men, we still crave clothes that accentuate the female figure. By creating items of clothing tailored to feminine shapes, we envision a brand inspired by vintage details.



vintage photo of actress audrey hepburn in winter coat     vintage photo of actress sophia loren in fur winter coat



We cannot help but fall in love when we look back at female icons such as Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn, status symbols of delicacy, elegance and femininity, yet empowered. We imagine our clients just like them, independent and elegant city women (very much wearing coats like The Joanna and Anna Coat). 

Fast fashion manufacturers and designers noticed how much easier and faster it would be to drop the tailoring in their designs and because of this, clothes have lost their shape. Instead, our clothes focus on being staple, tailored, long-lasting products that unites vintage with modern styles. 


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