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Giving back

Giving back planting a tree

Giving Back: Socially and Environmentally 

As a small and growing brand, we understand that although we try to make our brand as sustainable as we can, it does sometimes lack certain values. As a result of this, we would like to find ways to give back.

Our fabrics are sourced from a great supplier which is based all the way in Peru, alongside this, we ship internationally. This can be seen as a positive impact, socially, as we are contributing to the Peruvian culture and shipping to those who wish to purchase our products abroad, however, it does also have a negative impact when it comes to our carbon footprint. All those flights increase our carbon emissions and contribute to climate change. In an ideal world, we would have switched to using all renewable energy, however at this current stage, the best we can do is to give back. See how we give back

While this is still not something we have started to work on, we would like to get you to know our future plans. We are a fairly new brand with limited resources, which means we are not always able to check up on the people that manufacturer our garments, but we would like to find ways of giving back to them. By 2021, we aim to recognise the people that make our garment and be able to give back a little more, improving their work and personal lives. 


Discover the fabrics we use and why we use them

The majority of the fabrics used in our designs are of natural supplies, coming from plants or unharmed animals. Their colour usually comes from the original source itself (the case with alpaca wool) or we use suppliers that use natural dyes in the process. We try our best to avoid chemicals and dyes that harm the environment, however sometimes it can be hard to really see and know what is in the fabrics we order.