Social Sustainability: Learn more

As previously mentioned in Our story, the documentary “The True Cost” alongside its informing content regarding the disastrous affects of fast fashion, has had a huge impact on the formation of Safi.

We were appalled to see the lack of needs met for workers in the fashion industry and not to mention, horrified discovering the dangerous incidents that have happened and continue to occur to workers, due to the poor working conditions. Particularly in regards to the lives lost in 2013 at the Rana Plaza collapse. Due to these shocking consequences, we feel the necessity to provide customers with fair trade clothing. We will research and work in order to find sustainable manufacturers that treat their employees fairly.

Since researching for Sustainable Fabrics and finding our Alpaca wool suppliers in Peru, we have decided to manufacture our coats within the country due to a number of reasons. Primarily, due to the local community’s familiarity of working with Alpaca wool, as well as the benefit of providing work to the local community. Working close to the suppliers also means that we will contribute much less to the Carbon footprint, in comparison to shipping it to manufacturers elsewhere.

Our approach to social sustainability does not stop here. Futuristically we will hope to bring more opportunities and improve the lives of our employees in various ways. Find out more in The future for Safi.