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  • Fair is care

Fair is care

The social side of sustainability

Treating workers fairly

We were appalled to learn about the lack of respect for workers’ rights in the fashion industry and, horrified discovering the dangerous incidents that have happened and continue to occur, due to poor working conditions.  We are committed to always find sustainable manufacturers that treat their employees fairly no matter where they are in the world.  

We care about the workers that make the textiles as much as those who manufacture our coats. That is why we partnered with Incalpaca. They not only respect workers' legal rights but also provide them with free medical services, legal advice, student grants for workers' kids, a cooperative shop where workers can buy essential products on credit and many social events. 

social sustainability worker handling textiles in peru

Since finding our alpaca wool supplier in Peru, we have decided to manufacture our coats within the country. This is primarily due to environmental benefits by decreasing transport distance, but also due to the local community’s familiarity working with and knowledge of alpaca wool, as well as the benefit of providing employment to the local community. Find more about our sustainable fabrics.

Our approach to social sustainability does not stop here. In the future, we hope to bring more opportunities and improve the lives of our employees in various ways through social development projects in collaboration with local NGOs.  

  • The future for Safi

The future for Safi

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