Sustainable Fabrics: Learn more

If there is one thing the conscious consumers cannot mention enough, is that forever is not an option. We can no longer rely on fabrics that take hundreds of years to biodegrade and therefore overpass our lifetime.

We do not have forever to make this change, we need to start now, hence our approach to fabrics is simple. Our fabrics are either biodegradable or recycled. 



Initially, we became familiar with the Circular Economy, a system that encourages the re-use of materials. This idea seemed perfect for us.

Why bring more into the planet when there is already so much of it out there? It seemed very logical to search for fabrics that have been recycled (such as rPET, which is obtained by melting down existing plastic and re-spinning it into new polyester fiber), however, neither provided enough insulation quite like non-sustainable options. Due to this, we were left no other option but to approach natural, biodegradable choices.

Our current collection consists of two main fabrics. Alpaca Wool for the exterior and Rayon for the inner lining.

Why Alpaca Wool?


As we were keen to use natural and insulating fabrics for our coats, we approached a sustainability consultant regarding wool suppliers in South America. He introduced us to Alpaca Wool, which shows even more benefits than the usual sheep wool.

Starting from their effective consumption habits that reduce impact, to the fact that they produce more fleece than sheep and their farming process do not require harsh chemicals, their overall lifecycle is consistently more sustainable. Not to mention that they boast the biggest range of natural colours out of all natural fibers and the final fabric outcome is warmer, lighter and incredibly soft. We mean it.

We currently order our Alpaca Wool from a recognised sustainable supplier known as "Incalpaca", who are well known for their fair and sustainable practices.